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Road map of Newcastle upon Tyne

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Road map of Newcastle upon Tyne & Gateshead. Free detailed road map of Newcastle upon Tyne & Gateshead  with  popular tourist attractions

Road map of Newcastle upon Tyne & Gateshead. Free detailed road map of Newcastle upon Tyne & Gateshead  with  popular tourist attractions

Newcastle upon Tyne & Gateshead


A coal port and shipbuilding centre for centuries, Newcastle upon Tyne is today a lively industrial metropolis, overlooked by the majestic arch of the Tyne bridge. Alleys slope down from the 12th-century castle keep and its Black Gate to the rejuventated quayside, where old warehouses have been converted into stylish hotels, restaurants and bars.


Across the river, Gateshead has undertaken some impressive regeneration projects. Recent architectural feats include the striking Millennium Bridge and the monumental Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts, as well as the magnificent Sage Gateshead Music Centre, designed by Norman Foster.



Rising 20m (66ft) from the ground, with a wing span of 54m (177ft), Britain's largest and most impressive sculpture greets around 90,000 motorists each day as they drive past Gateshead.



The disused 1940s Baltic Flour Mills warehouse on Gatehead's quayside has been transformed into one of Europe's biggest temporary art spaces. The centre provides the space and resources for artists to create art as well as an impressively large exhibition room, lit by natural light from above.


BESSIE si R III S' HOUSE [p369 C2] Bessie Surtees was a well-known figure in 17th-century Newcastle; she is said to have eloped through a window of this house to marry local landowner John Scott, who later became Lord Eldon. The house is a good example of fine Jacobean architecture, with plastered ceilings and carved panelling.



Despite its name, this is an art gallery - the biggest single commercial art space in the UK. It houses an extensive array of paintings and sculpture in a former biscuit-maker's Victorian building.


DISCOVERY MUSEUM [p369 A2] Themed galleries in the museum house exhibitions on the city's military history, maritime heritage and Victorian heyday. Also to be found are an interactive Science Factory and the 33m (100ft) Turbinia, once the world's fastest vessel.


HANCOCK MUSEUM [p369 C5] An excellent natural history museum first opened in 1884, it is named after celebrated local naturalists. The permanent galleries contain exhibits ranging from stuffed birds to fossils and include displays on ancient Egypt, natural history and geology.


LAING ART GALLERY [p369 C4] The renowned gallery has an excellent collection of British art, a children's gallery and an award-winning 'Art on Tyneside' exhibition which traces the development of the region's art and craft tradition.


LIFE SCIENCE CENTRE p369 A2] An innovative interactive science centre explores the origins of life with audio visual exhibits and includes a simulator ride.


MILLENNIUM BRIDGE lp369 D2] Built for pedestrians and cyclists, the breathtaking bridge connecting Gateshead with Newcastle upon Tyne operates like the lid of a giant eye, opening to form an arch under which ships can pass. It was lifted into place by one of the world's largest floating cranes.


MUSEUM OF ANTIQUITIES [p369 B5] A notable collection of artefacts, models and diagrams relating to Hadrian's Wall is found here, as are other Roman remains, prehistoric rock art, Stone Age axes. Bronze Age tools and pottery.


NEWCASTLE CASTLE [p369 C2] The 'New Castle', from which the city derives its name, was founded by Robert Curthose, the son of William the Conqueror, in 1080. Originally built of wood and earth, it was rebuilt in stone in the 12th century. The Keep has survived as has the Black Gate, which was cut off from the keep by the construction of a railway line in Victorian times.


NEWCASTLE CATHEDRAL [p369 C2] Built in the 13th—14th century on the site of an earlier Norman church, the cathedral is dedicated to St Nicholas. It has the oldest surviving and most ornate lantern tower, of which there are only three others in the country, and the Chapel of the Incarnation contains a dramatic stone sculpture.



Over 50 historic military vehicles, from bicycles to armoured tanks, and a World War I trench and Anderson air raid shelter, have been painstakingly restored and are now on display in the last surviving pavilion of the 1929 North East Coast Exhibition.



This is one of the largest collections of contemporary craft in the North, including Old Master paintings and the 'Made in Gateshead' exhibition on the town's history.



A prominent landmark, the bridge was built by Dorman Long of Middlesbrough and was the largest single-span bridge in Britain when it was opened in 1928 by King George V.