Map of Bristol & Bath. Where is Bristol city on the map of South England

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Road map of Bristol and Bath

Map of Bristol & Bath. Free detailed road map of Bristol and Bath  with  popular tourist attractions. Road map of Bristol and Bath surrounding area

Where is Bristol city on the map of South England

Map of Bristol & Bath. Free detailed road map of Bristol and Bath  with  popular tourist attractions

Bristol & Bath

Even before )ohn Cabot sailed from Bristol in 1497 and opened up trade with the New World, Bristol was a busy port. Vestiges of its maritime days can be seen along the waterfront where Isambard Kingdom Brunei's 55 Great Britain and a replica of Cabot's The Matthew are docked. The leafy suburb of Clifton and dramatic Avon Gorge, with Brunei's fine suspension bridge, offer a quiet get-away from the bustle of the city centre.


One of Britain's oldest and best preserved cities, historic Bath dates back to Roman times when the Aquae Sulis temple and baths were built around natural hot springs. Their rediscovery in the 18th century transformed Bath into a popular resort, with the help of John Wood and his son John, who planned the city's elegant Georgian terraces, and Richard 'Beau' Nash who made Bath a hub of fashionable society.



These elegant rooms were the focal point of evening entertainment in 18th-century Bath. Restored after wartime bombing, they now house the Museum of Costume.


AT-BRISTOL [p315 A2]

Funded by the Millennium Commission, the centre has a multimedia exhibition of the natural world and an interactive science centre with a futuristic planetarium.


BATH ABBEY [p309 C3]

Built on the site of a Saxon monastery, the imposing 16th-century abbey has fine fan vaulting and stained glass windows. In the vaults below, a museum relates its history.


BATH POSTAL MUSEUM [p309 B4] The first stamp, 'the Penny Black', was posted from here in 1840. The museum has displays on the postal system.


BLAISE CASTLE HOUSE MUSEUM [B3] A Gothic folly of 1766 within the ramparts of an Iron Age hill fort, the house now has displays on everyday life in Bristol.


BRISTOL CATHEDRAL [p315 A2] Founded in 1140 as a monastery, the cathedral has a fine Norman chapter house and ornate carvings.


BRISTOL INDUSTRIAL MUSEUM [p315 B1] In a converted dockside shed are exhibits from Bristol's industrial past, including a working crane and steam locomotives.



Over 300 species of wildlife can be seen in landscaped grounds which include an underwater walkway.


BRITISH EMPIRE AND COMMONWEALTH MUSEUM [p315 D2] Housed in a former railway station, the museum charts Britain's imperial past and includes old manuscripts, photographs and costumes.


CITY MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY [C2] A collection of fine art as well as exhibits on natural history, Egyptology and archaeology are on show.


THE CLIFTON SUSPENSION BRIDGE [B2] Spanning the Avon Gorge, this world-famous bridge was designed by Brunei for a competition in 1836.


JANE AUSTEN CENTRE [p309 B4] The centre has displays on the author's life and Georgian Bath, the setting for Northanger Abbey and Persuasion.


NO 1. ROYAL CRESCENT [p309 A4] The first house on Bath's most prestigious terrace has been furnished in late 18th-century style.


PRIOR PARK LANDSCAPE GARDEN [El] This striking garden 3$ was created in the 18th century by philanthropist Ralph Allen, with advice from the poet Alexander Pope and 'Capability' Brown. It has magnificent views of the City of Bath and its wealth of features includes a Palladian bridge, a series of three lakes and a recently restored Serpentine lake, grotto, grass cabinet and Gothic temple.


RED LODGE [p315 A3] A suite of 16th-century rooms, a carved stone chimney piece and fine oak panelling are on view in the red stone house.


THE ROMAN BATHS MUSEUM AND PUMP ROOM [p309 B2] The remarkable Roman temple and bathing complex is still flowing with natural hot water. The museum holds treasures found when the baths were uncovered in 1880. Overlooking the springs, the Grand Pump Room was the heart of Bath and visitors can still taste the famous waters.


ST MARY Kll)(! III I CHURCH [p315C1]


Described by Elizabeth I as 'the goodliest, fairest and most famous parish church in England', the 13th-century church has a hexagonal outer porch and a window depicting scenes from Handel's 'Messiah'.


SALLY LUNN'S REFRESHMENT HOUSE AND MUSEUM [p309  C2] Bath's oldest house is home to the famous Sally Lunn bun, which is still made using the original secret recipe.



The first iron-built, propellor-driven ocean liner, launched in Bristol in 1843, is now moored in the docks and can be toured.


WILLIAM HERSCHEL MUSEUM [p309 A3] Scientist and astronomer William Herschel discovered Uranus from his home, now a museum.